Superior Lumbung Terrace

"Great Value for Simple Travellers"

The affordable Superior Lumbung Terrace is perfect for those seeking low budget accommodation. Each room includes its own furnished terrace, an indoor bathroom, welcoming interiors and is a perfect no-fuss retreat for those seeking the creature comforts of cozy and homey accommodation.

  • Availability : 36 rooms
  • Terrace : 15sqm
  • Bedroom only : 17sqm
  • Bathroom : 16sqm
  • Double bed (27rms) : 162 x 200cm
  • Twin bed (9rms) : 2 x 100 x 200cm
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Traditional Lumbung Hut

"Take Your Sweet Moments Among Beautiful Creatures"

The Traditional Lumbung Hut is the epitome of island life for couples seeking a romantic, yet exotic island experience. The Hut takes it’s architectural inspiration for the traditional Sasak rice barns, with open air living areas, and skillfully crafted curved roof. Each two-storey hut features an outdoor tropical bathroom, furnished Bale (day bed) and a hammock downstairs and the cozy bedroom upstairs.

  • Availability : 24 rooms
  • Private balcony : 12sqm
  • Open-air living space : 16sqm
  • Bedroom only : 20sqm
  • Semi-open Bathroom : 28sqm
  • Double bed : 162x200cm
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Deluxe Terrace Room

"Perfect Tusion of Modern and Traditional​"

These Deluxe Terrace Rooms feature sleek modern interiors with traditional Indonesian amenities and decorations. It offers a large furnished terrace, large indoor bathroom, tropical garden views and is located a hop away from our Hidden Pool & Bar.

  • Availability : 36 rooms
  • Private balcony : 18,9sqm
  • Bedroom only : 22,95sqm
  • Double bed (27rms) : 162 x 200cm
  • Twin bed (9rms) : 2 x 100 x 200cm
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Deluxe Ombak Room

"Convertible, Spacious and Tropical"

The convertible Deluxe Ombak Rooms are perfect for those travelling in groups or families. Each room is equipped with a double bed or twin bed arrangement, an indoor day bed that is easily converted into an extra bed and comes with interconnecting options. The open-air bathroom maintains the unique island feel.

  • Availability : 24 rooms
  • Entrance : 4sqm
  • Bedroom only : 37sqm
  • Semi-open Bathroom : 22sqm
  • Double bed (18rms) : 162x200cm
  • Twin bed (6rms) : 2 x 100 x 200cm
  • Options : 8 interconnecting rooms (4 sets),
  • Day bed conversion (into an second bed)
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Deluxe Family Bungalow

"Escape Together"

The Deluxe Family Bungalows are spacious, family-friendly accommodation. These large half-houses feature indoor day bed (Bale) easily converted into an extra bed to sleep two children or one adult and a semi-open. For the convenience of your family, these bungalows are centrally located close to the hotel’s main facilities.

  • Availability : 12 rooms
  • Entrance : 4sqm
  • Bedroom only : 30sqm
  • Semi-open Bathroom : 28sqm
  • Twin bed : 2 x 100 x 200 cm
  • Day bed : 160 x 200cm
  • Options : day bed conversion (into an second bed)
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Akoya Pool Vilas

"A Touch of Luxury, Your Own Private Paradise"

These exquisite one or two bedroom Akoya Pool Vilas are the epitome of luxury, ideal for those seeking a tranquil retreat into your own private paradise. Each Vila features a private pool with deck chairs, a fully furnished open-air living area and an indoor day bed (Bale), that can be used to relax by day or fitted as an extra bed at night.

  • Bedroom only : 30.5sqm
  • Semi-open Bathroom : 19sqm
  • Double bed : 180x200cm
  • Day bed : 155 x 185cm

Single Bedroom Pool Villa

  • Availability : 7 villas
  • Living Room : 20.25sqm
  • Pool : 4.25 x 3.20m (150 deep) Pool deck / Terrace : 12sqm

Double Bedroom Pool Villa

  • Availability : 9 villas
  • Living Room : 38.25sqm
  • 2nd Bedroom : 27.5 sqm
  • Pool : 5.40m x 3.20m (150 deep) Pool deck / Terrace : 32.2 sq


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